Invite Your Customers

Printed Brochures

When you talk about potential customers less isn’t more. On request we print customized brochures for our clients and customers with a QR code or a promo code on it at no charge. Just let us know within a week.

Social Media

As most of our clients, customers are connected on social media so we created a Facebook event. Easy way to let us know that if you’re interested in going or not. Also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Email Invitations

Customs emails for your clients will be sent to the potential customers letting them know about the show and having a unique code on it for their entry in trade show. Contact us to receive your HTML File.

Website advertisements

Display a banner or newsletter on your website and let your contacts andcustomers know about exhibiting at the show. Right click on the web banners to save the file and then upload it on your website.

Mark the dates on your calendar

Make sure to get Canada day mela on your customer’s calendar usingthe marketing tools we provide. If you need any help or want to invite people for the show contact us through at